Thursday, September 11, 2008

What about pigs?

There's been a whole bunch of controversy surrounding the whole, "lipstick on a pig" statement by Senator Obama. Here are my two cents: I think that it was mistaken by the Republicans, to think that he was referring to Governor Palin (I really doubt Senator Obama really meant to refer to Palin as a pig). Whether the Republicans really believe that Obama meant to call Palin a pig is another argument altogether. Either way, I think that it's dismissive of Obama to just say that he thinks the Republicans are just creating a sandstorm when there is no sand - I think he should just apologize for any misperception (but not for the statement) and move on. Why is it to hard to say "I'm sorry" in politics? Understandably, but saying you're sorry, there's a perception that you're admitting guilt - but we have been taught (or at least we in medicine have been taught) that this is not true and that it's simply an acknowledgment of the other party's feelings.

Oh well. I think pigs are getting the short end of the stick. Really, I hear pigs are really intelligent creatures. That's exactly why I cannot befriend a pig - then I won't be able to eat pork ever in my life.

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