Thursday, June 6, 2013

Long time, no see

It's been almost 3 years since I have updated this blog. To put it briefly, lots has happened. Here's a quick rundown of interim events:
  • I finished residency!

    I am now an attending - oh wait, no I'm not. Since residency was so much fun, I decided to do a fellowship. I'm now a maternal fetal medicine fellow at UC___. Another 3 years of fun!  It's definitely not as bad as residency, but definitely tons of work too. Overall, a good experience. 
  • I got engaged!

    Yes, I found The One. And he's awesome. We are getting married in exactly one month. Let me tell ya, I am very excited for the wedding and to be married. However, the road to a wedding is a tough one and I don't ever want to plan another event. 
  • We bought a house! Wow, I feel like a grown up now. The best thing about the house is transforming our backyard from a plot of dirt to a wonderful garden full of herbs, tomatoes, beans, watermelon, strawberries, peppers, squash, and many more things to come. Maybe I'll write a post later on our DIY adventure in that, but til then, here are before/after pics.
  • I became an aunt! She's adorable, though at times a little monster. But it's hard to hold a grudge.
All in all, a good 3 years. Here's to more greatness to come. And to hoping that I keep up this blog... if anyone is still reading it.