Saturday, January 17, 2004

does no one love me?

why don't people comment? i know people read the site! comment people. even a hello so i know you're reading. argh. frustrations coming up again. i need to go to bed. good night.


so, i've come to a conclusion regarding singles in boston: the reason why everyone is so bitter and single here is because it's impossible to come off as attractive if you're wearing five layers on the top and bottom and you have hat hair for four months. wait, maybe that's just applicable to me. whatever.

i just came home from a club that was absolutely terrible. i mean, it wasn't the worst thing in the world, but close to it. it was part of some graduate school professionals mixer crap. ah, and it was useless. i didn't meet anyone from any grad school other than my own, and that includes the people i went with. oh, and when i saw guys with collar shirts tucked into jeans, that's when i decided it's not worth spending another $15 on a cab ride home after the T stops running so i went home. i can't believe that i'm home on a saturday night at 1 am when i went out just a few hours earlier. this sucks. i need to find a man. i have my eyes on a cute dental student - who, by the way, doesn't even know who i am and has no idea that i know his name. i'm back to my stalker ways. argh. oh, and another girl in my class is blabbing her big mouth about him and her big crush on him. darn it. well, all's fair in lust and war. whomever gets to him first...

argh. i'm tired but can't go to bed. utterly useless.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004


it's a bit chilly outside. "a bit" = 0 degrees. oh, and subtract about 15 for windchill. yeah, negatives?! what am i doing here? argh, so never will i again complain about california weather.

oh, here's an excerpt from "The coldest spot in New England was New Hampshire's Mount Washington, where the temperature dipped to a record 44 below with a wind chill of minus 100." i hate no idea that it could get that cold without people just falling to the ground! i was walking yesterday for about ten minutes outside and when i came home, my legs were successfully frozen solid. it was amazing.

oh, we had physical diagnosis today and that was exciting. we got to get rather close to our classmates, as we were poked and prodded by classmates, all in the attempt to learn something about what people are supposed to feel like. it's amazing. i'm excited. though i still know nothing about the body (isn't that encouraging?), it's still exciting.

ok, that's it for now. i have to go home now. brr...

Sunday, January 11, 2004

i want to crawl into my freezer

seriously, it's warmer in there than staying outside. the past two days, it's been less than 10 degrees. what am i doing here?! just last week, i was in 60 degree weather. i just don't get it. ah, now i remember why i'm here. i didn't get into a california school! ha!

oh, started anatomy. it's fun!!! i love anatomy and i'm a freak. oh, and i've turned semi-vegetarian, as in i don't eat anything that looks like meat. yeah, it's a freakish vegetarian thing, as i had a hamburger the other day, but gosh, it didn't look like meat, so it's ok. and one of my roommates turned vegetarian. it's interesting. i freaked her out after telling her she needs to eat a lot of beans and eggs for protein and that only meat provides vitamin B12. haha, i need to stop. and i freaked out on another roommate after she went on a cabbage soup diet. i told her it was stupid and she's not getting adequate nutrition and that she's going to be unsatisfied and stop after less than a week, which she did. they ask for my advice yet never take it. wow, i feel like a real doctor now.

ok, back to work. writing a paper that makes no sense whatsoever. after we already establish in my classes that health is rarely a market good, we are told to come up with a market-based solution to a health problem. am i the only crazy one here?

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

finally back

to make it short, i made it back to boston at 10 AM, one full day after i set off from san francisco. i officially will never stop over in chicago ever again, at least not in the winter. i hate this. oh, and i had anatomy lab at 1 pm, and made it. then, came home and slept at 8 pm until 10 am today. 14 HOURS! and i missed two more classes doing that. however, it was fully worth it!

ok, off to clean my room some more. i never knew that i could cram more stuff into my room. gosh, what else can i fit into a closet?!

and it's wonderful to be back in 20 degree weather where my ears and legs can break off because they're so cold. i miss san francisco already.

argh... still en route

So, I have escaped the terrors of Madison, but now I am experiencing the wondrous world of spending the night at Midway in Chicago. It’s just like Madison, except I’m more tired. More hungry. More grumpy. More sore. And I’m getting more sick. I hate this. I’ve declared that I’m never going to fly in and out of Chicago ever again. I’m so tired, I can’t even figure out what to write. It’s taken me ten minutes just to write what I have above and it’s nothing of significance.

I have met some interesting people at the airport though. Let me tell you, being stuck at the airport for several hours (3 in Madison, 6 in Chicago). There are so many people here, it’s amazing and everyone’s so tired. Now I’m just repeating myself. I was supposed to be in Boston TWELVE hours ago. And I have class in 8 hours. Why!?!? Argh. I’m just angry and wasting time as I don’t know what else to do right now. And stupid me decided not to shower before leaving San Francisco so I’m also stinky. Yeah, I’m gross, tired, sick, angry, hungry, and grumpy.

With that, I bid you goodbye.

Sunday, January 4, 2004

trip back to boston

So, it’s been awhile since my last post and here I am, posting from Madison, Wisconsin. Why Madison, you ask? Well, because I’m supposed to be in Chicago but the airport is shut down due to low visibility so we were diverted here. So, I’m stuck in Madison. I hate this. And I don’t feel well so that doesn’t help. I was supposed to be in Boston in an hour, so there goes that idea.

On a different note, I have a topic to talk about. As I was having coffee with a friend from high school, I realized that I try not to tell people that I go to medical school. For the most part, it’s usually with guys in bars and such. This is how the conversation goes:
Guy – “What do you do?”
Girl – “I go to medical school.”
Guy – “Oh, you must be smart…”
(awkward silence) “Ok, I better get going now”

Are guys really that intimated by someone who’s intelligent and getting a degree? Are they worried that I’m so up on intelligence that they’re not even good enough for some silly bar conversation? I think it’s especially weird being an Asian female and getting a graduate degree, as it defies the subservient, docile image that’s perpetuated in media and such. Well, to all the guys out there, if you are intimated by an intelligent girl who stands up for herself and does not allow herself to be pushed around, then you deserve no one at all! Yeah, I’m bitter, but I also give in to the expectations. Now, instead of saying I go to medical school, I say I go to graduate school, which I feel is sometimes less threatening than saying medical school. I don’t know why this is, but that’s what I find.

Ok, well, that’s it for now as I’m feeling nauseous again and I have no idea when we get to fly the turbulent skies again. If I don’t get into Boston tonight, I’m going to be angry. And tired. And sick.