Sunday, January 11, 2004

i want to crawl into my freezer

seriously, it's warmer in there than staying outside. the past two days, it's been less than 10 degrees. what am i doing here?! just last week, i was in 60 degree weather. i just don't get it. ah, now i remember why i'm here. i didn't get into a california school! ha!

oh, started anatomy. it's fun!!! i love anatomy and i'm a freak. oh, and i've turned semi-vegetarian, as in i don't eat anything that looks like meat. yeah, it's a freakish vegetarian thing, as i had a hamburger the other day, but gosh, it didn't look like meat, so it's ok. and one of my roommates turned vegetarian. it's interesting. i freaked her out after telling her she needs to eat a lot of beans and eggs for protein and that only meat provides vitamin B12. haha, i need to stop. and i freaked out on another roommate after she went on a cabbage soup diet. i told her it was stupid and she's not getting adequate nutrition and that she's going to be unsatisfied and stop after less than a week, which she did. they ask for my advice yet never take it. wow, i feel like a real doctor now.

ok, back to work. writing a paper that makes no sense whatsoever. after we already establish in my classes that health is rarely a market good, we are told to come up with a market-based solution to a health problem. am i the only crazy one here?

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