Saturday, January 17, 2004


so, i've come to a conclusion regarding singles in boston: the reason why everyone is so bitter and single here is because it's impossible to come off as attractive if you're wearing five layers on the top and bottom and you have hat hair for four months. wait, maybe that's just applicable to me. whatever.

i just came home from a club that was absolutely terrible. i mean, it wasn't the worst thing in the world, but close to it. it was part of some graduate school professionals mixer crap. ah, and it was useless. i didn't meet anyone from any grad school other than my own, and that includes the people i went with. oh, and when i saw guys with collar shirts tucked into jeans, that's when i decided it's not worth spending another $15 on a cab ride home after the T stops running so i went home. i can't believe that i'm home on a saturday night at 1 am when i went out just a few hours earlier. this sucks. i need to find a man. i have my eyes on a cute dental student - who, by the way, doesn't even know who i am and has no idea that i know his name. i'm back to my stalker ways. argh. oh, and another girl in my class is blabbing her big mouth about him and her big crush on him. darn it. well, all's fair in lust and war. whomever gets to him first...

argh. i'm tired but can't go to bed. utterly useless.

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