Tuesday, January 6, 2004

argh... still en route

So, I have escaped the terrors of Madison, but now I am experiencing the wondrous world of spending the night at Midway in Chicago. It’s just like Madison, except I’m more tired. More hungry. More grumpy. More sore. And I’m getting more sick. I hate this. I’ve declared that I’m never going to fly in and out of Chicago ever again. I’m so tired, I can’t even figure out what to write. It’s taken me ten minutes just to write what I have above and it’s nothing of significance.

I have met some interesting people at the airport though. Let me tell you, being stuck at the airport for several hours (3 in Madison, 6 in Chicago). There are so many people here, it’s amazing and everyone’s so tired. Now I’m just repeating myself. I was supposed to be in Boston TWELVE hours ago. And I have class in 8 hours. Why!?!? Argh. I’m just angry and wasting time as I don’t know what else to do right now. And stupid me decided not to shower before leaving San Francisco so I’m also stinky. Yeah, I’m gross, tired, sick, angry, hungry, and grumpy.

With that, I bid you goodbye.

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