Wednesday, January 14, 2004


it's a bit chilly outside. "a bit" = 0 degrees. oh, and subtract about 15 for windchill. yeah, negatives?! what am i doing here? argh, so never will i again complain about california weather.

oh, here's an excerpt from "The coldest spot in New England was New Hampshire's Mount Washington, where the temperature dipped to a record 44 below with a wind chill of minus 100." i hate no idea that it could get that cold without people just falling to the ground! i was walking yesterday for about ten minutes outside and when i came home, my legs were successfully frozen solid. it was amazing.

oh, we had physical diagnosis today and that was exciting. we got to get rather close to our classmates, as we were poked and prodded by classmates, all in the attempt to learn something about what people are supposed to feel like. it's amazing. i'm excited. though i still know nothing about the body (isn't that encouraging?), it's still exciting.

ok, that's it for now. i have to go home now. brr...

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