Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekend jaunt

I went on a hike through some open space near my parents' home today and took the 3 dogs with me. At first, I was only going to take one, but then my dad said taking only one would make the others jealous. So I took all 3.

In my hike, my dogs' personalities really shone through.

Lucy, the obese non-Pomeranian (my brother is convinced she's a German Spitz) would get into this pattern of laying down at every shady spot (not many on the way up) and looking at me like I'm torturing her.

Jackson, the timid one, got lost. Actually, I lost him when I turned onto a smaller trail and didn't check to make sure I had all 3 dogs. About a hundred yards later, realized I only had two dogs and had to go back, only to find him at the fork in the road looking really confused.

And Princess, who was a trooper throughout the hike and kept our path clear of cows. Every once in awhile, she'd run far ahead and I would lose her for a second. Then, when I would come up on her, I see a cow off to the side of the trail. Too bad she couldn't make sure our path was also clear of cow poopies.

Pictures on the way.

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