Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hotel Des Arts

Tonight, I had the pleasure of seeing my cousin's artwork displayed at a gallery opening (Hotel Des Arts, San Francisco - yes, it's a hotel!). In short, it was fab, hip, and totally cool. Of course, I felt like the least cool person ever because everyone there has their hair and clothes picked out so meticulously that it didn't look like they spent the last 3 hours pondering over whether to part their hair on the left or right.

There were lots of cool pieces on display and a few that I didn't quite understand.

Here are some highlights.

My coolest cousin's artwork: (my favorite is the sailor boy)
My aunt Jackie and cousin Ian:

Just a cool painting. I like the contrast of the lady with the bloody bull. Anyone know the artist?

My cousin, being interviewed by Video In My Backyard (VIMBY):

She's such a star! Visit her work here.

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