Thursday, October 2, 2003

So, I took my first final today. It just seems wrong to have a final a month into class and just two weeks after your midterm. But I guess me thinking it's wrong won't change anything. Ah wells.

so, CNN reports that there's no "smoking gun" to prove that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Is that really a surprise to anyone? I guess it's a little bit of a surprise. Though I am a little bit of a pacifist and would like to think that people don't lie, we are talking politics here and anything's possible (even my dad, a registered Republican, saying he's voting for the Green party candidate in the recall). But then , on the other hand, we lie too. I'm sure that there may have been some evidence of WMD, but I doubt that it was non-refutable, concrete evidence. Plus, I have moral issues against pre-emptive strikes. Why don't we go out and burn our neighbor's house down because we think ten years down the line he might want to do the same to us? Ok, weird situation, but you get my point (or if not, then ignore the previous few sentences of babble).

I watched President Bush's speech at the signing of the first appropriations bill for the Department of Homeland Security. Gosh, can we get more kiss-ass with the military? Can we get more paranoid about all the dangerous people "out there"? What about the dangerous people in our country you're letting roam free with automatic rifles used for "hunting"? Ha, gosh, political tirade in the happening. I actually didn't listen to much of the substance of his speech, or any of his speeches for that matter. I just can't bring myself not to hate him if I listen to what he's actually saying. I just pretend that I'm listening to people think that I'm a fair observer, but to tell you the truth, I'm not. However, I'd have to say that I still stick to what I said when he was first elected: "Bush being president will be interesting to watch as a political scientist, though I think I will disagree with nearly everything he says or does."

Meanwhile, the A's squeezed by with a win against the Red Sox last night. I missed the game, and as Eric pointed out, it was too late for me to be watching anyways (though I was up til 1, unfortunately). Here, I have to be a loyal, but reserved A's fan as it's a dangerous place for non-Red Sox fans, especially if the team you're rooting for is playing them for a title).

Greatest thing I saw yesterday: Boston Herald flier with "Kick A's" on the side of a newspaper stand. I stole it, but don't know what to do with it. Any ideas?

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