Monday, September 29, 2003

hello all. i'm tired. that's all i can say. hahaha. i'm still at the library, running on about 5 hours of sleep, and tired.

i worked out today and managed to get asked out by the trainer... that's the excitement for now. (he called, but wasn't very conversational... ah, so it goes)

sorry, my mind can't work in complete sentences. actually, more it can't work in sentences of more than ten words. oh, that was more than ten words. ha.

what's going on in the world? i recorded west wing and loved it. it actually made me sick to my stomach about military action - gosh, who knew that i was such a pacifist? the more people talk about war, the more i realize it. gosh, and right when i move to a place where "liberal" is "california conservative."

oh, some other things about boston:
* the put prices on everything here. like at the drug store, your shampoo has a price sticker on it. weird. i don't like to be reminded of how i overpaid for shampoo every morning.
* i hate revolving doors as they cause huge traffic jams and you're unsure whether you can enter the same compartment as a stranger.
* they still have a strange fascination with dunkin' donuts. i still don't get it.
* oh, all the beers here suck. ok, maybe not all (sam adams summer ale from tap being an exception), but they don't offer many good ones. sometimes i want to order a pyramid ale or an anchor steam, but am given a quizzical look in reply. gosh, everyone drinks bud light. even i know that's nothing more than water and bad yeast.

that's it for now. wow, more than i ever thought that i could handle. hope it's enough for you!

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