Saturday, September 13, 2003

Ok, so I'll try and post more regularly, though I don't think anyone's reading this (I've only told a few people...but if you are reading it, send me an email so I know!). Also, no offers on someone volunteering to help me put a comments thing on here. Ah, I'll ask my brothers. They're useful for something every once in awhile.

Oh, I totally forgot to say in the last post that on Tuesday, I got phlebotomy training... which means that I drew blood! Ahhh, it was fun to draw blood, but definitely not to get it drawn. We practice on one another, which is scary enough, but when you have veins that are non-existent, it's even more painful. But one cool thing is that when I had blood drawn for real, yesterday for a stupid blood test, I knew that the doctor was doing something wrong. The doctor failed to wait until the alcohol dries before sticking me... which doesn't infect you or anything, but just stings like h*ll. Well, of course by the time that I noticed, it was already stinging. Ah, the pleasures of being a med student.

Hahha, now that I say that I'm going to post more regularly, I have two exams on Thursday. Fun fun fun. But I'm going out tonight, so I'm obviously not letting it bother me too much. Anyways, by that time, I should have internet at home (it's quite odd, not to have a chance to check your email at home, especially when ALL announcements for this school are sent via email). Who knows, now I'm rambling.

What did I do this morning, you may ask? I tried to study last night, which just failed utterly. So, I went to bed at midnight, woke up at 8 because I had a 9 am appt at the gym. Worked out, took a shower, and now I'm starving so that's how I'll end this post. Good day all.

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