Wednesday, October 29, 2003

god, why can't i be motivated to work? this is impossible.

i tried to go see toni morrison tonight at fanueil hall (how in the world do you spell it?!). yeah, but got there on time and successfully did not get in because it was too crowded. ah wells, travelled all that way for nothing. but then i did accomplish something tonight. i made two batches of lemon bars. i ate one and i'm done. i've decided to bring them to a class and then i decided to make enough for everyone, well almost everyone.

sorry, random post. i'm watching will & grace on tv right now. i love this show, it's awesome.

quick question: does anyone read this? what would you like to see on it? i'm trying to get my hands on a digital camera so you guys can see the wonderful fall colors here. also, so you can see how silly and wonderful my friends are here.

also, does anyone (hint, hint - Tim) know how to make it so i have a photo gallery?

come on people, feedback here!

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