Tuesday, October 7, 2003

sorry, i just had to write.

so, schwarzenegger wins the election. god, could it get any worse?

like what margaret said earlier today when she told me to check the exit polls: it's a learning experience. ironically, that's what we said when bush was elected president. and trust me, i'd rather be learning from someone else.

though it will be interesting to see if schwarzenegger does make a difference in california. i doubt that he will. however, if california does greatly improve beyond what's expected in the next three years, i will give the man credit. but as of now, he has to work his way up to get my respect as a politician. don't get my wrong, i respect the guy as a hard-working person. however, becoming the governor of the largest state in the nation without any major political experience will be quite a task. i don't doubt his abilities to be likable and charismatic, but i do doubt his political abilities to make positive change. plus, if he touches any issue anywhere near first amendment rights, that's it, i'm declaring conflict (since, in America, we no longer declare war as that means you have to go through that pesky thing called Congress).

so what happens now? i'll register in massachusetts. i'll vote in massachusetts. and darn it, i will make this state lean true left, instead of this "east coast liberal" stuff they throw at me.

sorry, i'm still in shock and my brain's dead. plus, i should be writing a paper critique for epidemiology on exercise and heart attacks. loads of fun.

oh, i'm a cubs fan as of now. anything but the red sox or yankees.

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