Wednesday, October 22, 2003

"She's terrific," Schwarzenegger said on his way into a meeting in the state Capitol. "She's the best."
- Arnold - commenting on his new chief of staff (source: SF Chronicle)

Could he be any more enthused about his new staff? Gosh, does he have any words in his vocabulary larger than 3 syllables, other than his last name, which no one can spell or pronounce anyways? ok, so maybe I'm not giving him as much of a chance as I could be, or as I said I would, but give me a break. When you introduce your first staff appointment, you say they're wonderful, play up their wonderful features, and how they will compensate for your lack of vocabulary. Though I do give him some leeway, as SF Chronicle may have only taken a little piece of his speech and printed it as his first quote.

oh, it's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow morning. We'll see if it materializes, and how it goes. I'm not excited. I checked the temperature in SF - it's only 70! whatever.

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