Tuesday, October 14, 2003

so margaret left this morning. i'm sad. we had so much fun this weekend. for recapping purposes:
* we went to legal seafoods, a big seafood restaurant here in boston, and managed to get a free meal. when i opened my roll, there was something green and mushy inside. i picked it out and margaret and i started to pick with it. the waiter saw this whole event and came over, asking if anything was wrong with the roll. i told him and then he took it away. when he came back, the manager came with him, apologizing for it and our food was on the house. pretty awesome. however, i'm hoping that the green thing was a bean, otherwise, it coulda been something much worse. ah wells. i did eat the rest of the roll.
* i took margaret to see the arnold arboretum . it was a beautiful place, if it weren't for the fact that it was raining like crazy. in the end, we spent about an hour there, not seeing much as we were covered by our umbrellas. then, instead of going into downtown, we decided to bake an apple pie instead. yeah, we're smart. turns out the next day was beautiful.
* went to this wonderful dive bar called wally's in downtown where my roommate is a bartender. it's so cool. it's TINY (smaller than my apartment, and trust me, that's small) but wonderfully cool because there aren't any white guys there. oh, and live jazz every night. awesome stuff.
* duck tour! it was so much fun, and you're even allowed to quack in public. and i never thought people would quack back, but they do. i tell you, boston is one odd town. i found out lots of cool stuff, but totally forgot everything as that's how my crazy mind works.

ah, we did lots of other stuff. margaret freaked a second year medical student at a club (which she called 'an intellectual meet market'). we went apple picking at honey pot hill farms. i wrote a public health paper (sorry, not fun, but significant part of the weekend).

but alas, all fun has to end sometime and she left me this morning. i'm sad. it was wonderful having her here and i'm hoping she had fun. we had quite a whirlwind weekend as i don't think we sat down at all without doing something or planning to do something.

and this is an open invitation for all the other people out there who want to visit boston! come on out! i can take you places! especially if you don't come when i have tests!!!

but yeah. oh, cubs are up. and red sox lost. life can't be that bad.

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