Sunday, October 26, 2003

ah! now med school is catching up to me. i hate studying. maybe i should have realized this before i decided to go back to school. oh well.

i was reading some newspaper articles that my dad had sent to me after Arnold was elected governor and it's rather interesting. I won't dwell on it too much, but I was fascinated in that the Democrats managed to lose their base voters (Latinos, women, and union households) to Arnold. However much I'd like to criticize Arnold or the voters, I think that part of the blame goes to the Democrats themselves for losing touch with a use-to-be solid base of voters among those populations. It's sad.

And isn't it a sad, sad world when Scary Movie 3 breaks box office records?

And the Marlins win the world series! How wonderful is it when the underdogs win something so grand? Though I don't even know where in Florida they play (from Orlando to Miami to South Beach), it's ok... all I know is that it's great when the team with money loses. Will this finally make Yankee fans quiet? I doubt it, but it's nice that the Red Sox fans aren't too loud anymore since they lost. It's like a different world here.

On another note, I was doing laundry today and managed to sort of run into a wall, while carrying my laundry basket in front of me, effectively getting it rammed into my stomach. Yeah, genius at work.

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