Monday, October 6, 2003

so the a's lost... i'm sad. now i have to write two papers. i'm even sadder. this sucks.

i watched the last inning, which is a curse upon the a's, i swear. any game i watch, the a's lose. it's a rather sad thing. it's all my fault. but i can't say i didn't expect it, given their record the last three years, losing in game 5. but this time it's especially depressing because i'd like the boston red sox baseball fanatics to calm down a bit. they are crazy here! everything is red sox. i even see old asian men wearing red sox hats... it's rather odd.

so, now it's the red sox against the yankees. i don't know who to root for. the yankees have beat the a's too often in post season and the red sox, well, they're too well-liked for me to like them. they wouldn't appreciate it. i think i'll root for the cubs. i'm glad they won. i mean, they have somewhat of a chance if they beat the team with the best regular season record.

gosh, what am i doing spouting off baseball stats like i know what i'm talking about? i really don't. i just do it to impress guys. yeah, whatever. if i wanted to impress the guys here, i'd say i was a red sox fan, but that's going too far. i've been going to games since the days of canseco, henderson, steinbach, etc. so i can't betray them now.

well, that's it for now. i really should start writing my paper on the public health care system in the 1930's. gosh, was there a system? everyone was poor. even now when we're rich we don't spend on healthcare (blame Bush). ah wells, not another tirade is what you're thinking.

good bye for now!

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