Friday, April 11, 2008


So, I'm back from the (almost) dead. I hopped out of bed this morning and didn't feel achy, feverish, or like I was going to hack up a lung or two. I still feel like I'm in that precarious don't-push-it-too-hard-or-you-may-fall-back-down-that-cliff position, but yeah, feeling better! I feel like jumping for joy, but then my knee reminds me that I cannot jump.
So, what's new? Nothing much... I'm reminded that I have tons of stuff to do, including writing my final paper for my Master's in Public Health, writing a rough draft of an article I want to submit for publication, and getting my life in order. Little things, really.
Oh, if anyone knows of any good apartments in the San Jose area, or any tips on how to find a good apartment, email me!

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Anonymous said...

Tips on how to find a good apartment. . . dare I suggest craigslist?