Monday, April 28, 2008

How's the weather?

I just checked the weather in the various cities I have lived in, am currently living in, and will live in and here's the run down:

  • Vellore, India - Reached 100 degrees last week and staying there for the foreseeable future. Thankfully, I got out of dodge.
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - Hovering around 90 degrees for the rest of the week. Very doable, considering I have air conditioning! However, rain is likely for the rest of my time here, which puts a big crimp on my plans to gorge myself on all the street food in this city.
  • San Ramon, CA - High 60's and low 70's recently, sounds like paradise.
  • Boston, MA - 60's all around, a bit cold, but I can handle it.
So, in less than one week, I will be back to the states (and a climate where I don't feel the need to change my clothes after being outside for 10 minutes).

One funny story: I spoke to my dad today and asked if he was going to be at the airport to pick me up when I arrive and he said yeah. Then, he asked, "what would you like to eat?". I love it - he's planning my meal a week in advance! I think that's proof that he knows me well (and loves me lots).


Eric said...

Hey, when are you going back to Boston? Hari's heading there for a conference May 18-21.

90 degrees. Yuck. 60 sounds much, much better.

YennieT said...

I will be in Boston May 12-18. I graduate May 18th! But then, I fly out right afterwards. If Hari wants to subject herself to torture, she can see a med school graduation. :) (and I know you graduate one day earlier!!!)