Monday, April 21, 2008

Pondicherry = paradise

I am convinced that the meaning of the word, "Pondicherry" is Paradise. I went to Pondicherry over the weekend and it was absolutely wonderful. It was a beautiful reprieve from the hectic, small town life of Vellore.
What I love about Pondicherry:
  • The food - fresh seafood, plain seasonings, and non-spicy! What else could a girl's stomach ask for?
  • Walking - it's possible here! Granted, there is still a risk you'll be hit by a car/rickshaw/tuk-tuk/motorbike/bike, but hey, it's much better than in the city, where you're navigating between those vehicles and the open sewers. Too far on one side and you're sh*t out of luck, literally.
  • Cleanliness - no open sewers (well, except for the "covered canal" that runs through the city), no huge trash piles in the middle of the sidewalk, and not that much litter. It's wonderful!
  • The beach - no swimming, but absolutely beautiful. And the promenade is full of people at night, with lots of good energy.
  • The shopping - I bought four pairs of earrings and a bedspread. Great prices, beautiful work, and lots of little boutique-like shops makes for a wonderful shopping experience.
  • I could wear a sundress!
We stayed at 31 Dumas Street, about two blocks from the beach and walkable to everything. Tiny little boutique guest house which set us back 1,000 Rupees for 3 people - which is not bad at all, but I'm guessing that if we bargained, we could have gotten a better price.
Yeah, I miss Pondicherry already.

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