Wednesday, April 23, 2008


U.S. News and World Report just put out a new report (gasp!  the shock!), this time about careers and the most overrated careers.  I am sad to report that being a physician is one of them.  I would beg to differ, or at least I hope I have enough gusto to differ, since it is my chosen career (and I have yet to technically start it).  And some of their argument is that you sometimes see patients die, as though you can help them get better, but if they die, oh gosh, run for the hills!
Their alternative?  Physician Assistant.  What do you guys think?
On the other hand, they say landscape architect is one of the hot careers, which is a good sign for my friend, Margaret! 


Andrew said...

Whatever.....they also say being a hairstylist is an amazing career! Who reads that shitty magazine anyway??

YennieT said...

Middle America - your exact demographic! :)