Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Independence Day, Vietnam style

Today is Reunification Day, or something of the sort.  Basically, marks the day that Saigon fell, so it's somewhat like July 4th in the states.  It's a little weird being in Vietnam, as an American Vietkieu, on this day, but at the same time, everyone treats it like just another holiday and they go out and get drinks. 
To mark the day, I decided to take a 6 hour trip down to the delta.  No, it does not usually take 6 hours.  Yes, it usually only takes 2.5 hours.  And yes, I am being sarcastic when I say it's how I celebrated the day.  It just happened that the day I wanted to go down to the delta for one last visit with the family was a major holiday, one of the buses broke down, and it was pouring rain.  Just my luck.

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