Saturday, October 16, 2004


So, after being single for extended periods of time in my early twenties, and not so distraught about it, I've started to see myself in ten years as a spinster. Now, whatever you may think about spinsters, I don't imagine myself to be a chain-smoking, three martini kind of spinster. Nor do I intend on working so hard that I forget that I'm single (though I may not have much choice in that matter).

Rather, I imagine myself as a rather cool spinster. Someone who every once in awhile dates a cool guy for a few months. It doesn't work out for one reason or another, and I'm single for a few months, "playing the game" and find another to occupy my time.

Am I delusional? Maybe so. But it's hard not to imagine yourself as a spinster when one of your younger brothers is living with his girlfriend and the other seems more committed in his relationships than you have ever been. Not that that's bad or anything. Just not me. My longest relationship has been 6-7 months, and tell you the truth, I can't imagine it being any longer. I don't know what to do past then.

So yeah, my thoughts on spinster-hood. Check back on me in ten years. I hope by then, everyone will claim that your 30's are the new century's 20's - where you can party and dance all night with strangers and not feel guilty that you're not looking for "the one."

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