Sunday, October 3, 2004


I went to an award ceremony for Partners In Health on Saturday afternoon and listened to Paul Farmer (who is a public health powerhouse in my view) and Ophelia Dahl speak about public health and social responsibility. Listening to them speak, especially Ms. Dahl, was amazing. It was inspirational beyond belief and it reminded me why I'm doing what I'm doing. It's easy to lose focus in the middle of three exams and two papers (like I had this last week), and so to see that people really are making a difference and I can be one of those people was very therapeutic.

I truly believe that everyone can make a difference in this world, and the decision is up to them as to whether they want to do it and in what capacity they will. Not to say that everyone will find a cure to cancer or establish world peace. Rather, that we are capable of doing great things - whether big or small. It's just nice to see that people are doing great things in this world. In a wonderfully strange way, it gives me a glimpse of the light at the end of this tunnel of medical/public health school.

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