Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm sitting at my parents' house feeling sick.  Sick like I haven't felt in a long time. 
  1. My lymph node is still huge and still hurts.  As the doctor I saw put it: "Yeah, that's a big lymph node.  Gosh, that's the size of a golf ball!  That can't be normal... [then scribble something down]... it could be scrofula! You know, where you have TB in your lymph node. That'd be cool."  Cool, yes, if it weren't happening to me and it weren't one of the most painful things I have ever felt. 
  2. I've got a fever!  Yeah, how does one get a fever after being on big gun antibiotics for nearly two weeks?  Clearly, can't be good. Nonetheless, I'm on Tylenol around the clock.
  3. And a rash to boot.  Turns out I'm allergic to the big gun antibiotics that I've been getting, with proof in the pudding - the pudding being my skin mottled with a nice rash. 
Yeah, let's just say it's been fun.  And I was on call yesterday.  I made it in, did some rounding, then realized that maybe I shouldn't stay around, in pain, with a fever, delivering babies. So, that's when I decided to drive to my parents' house before taking my Tylenol #3, which was a questionable decision given I don't know which is worse - driving with a high fever (every time I get a fever, I get the same crazy thoughts, like weird puzzles that recycle over and over in my head - yeah, I may be crazy) versus driving under the influence of narcotics.  Oh well. 

Fortunately, I do have my spiked Tylenol and my dad has some Vicodin to help me sleep at night.  Thank god for pain medicine.

Oh, did I mention that the CREOGs are this week?  For those not medically-inclined (I can't blame you), CREOGs are the in-service exam for Ob/Gyn residents - basically like a yearly SAT to see how you compare to everyone else in the country.  Let's hope my fever stops by then.

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