Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All play and little work

I have to say that my life on ambulatory has been really really nice.  I don't have to be in the hospital until 8, which is like a vacation!  And I usually get out by 5, which is like a vacation, times two!  That means that I have time to cook, watch a little bit of Project Runway, season 2 (which I got in a white elephant gift exchange), and sleep - in other words, I get to live a normal life.  I've actually been sleeping a lot more than usual, which is nice and concerning (especially given my hypochondriasis about my lymph node - which is still here, albeit nontender and a little smaller).
On another note, I'm continuing my reading trend.  A few months ago, I tried reading Oblivion by David Foster Wallace, but didn't understand half the stories that I read, so got bored. Now, I'm back onto reading a classic (I alternate between modern fiction and literary classics - really, it's whatever I can find at the used book store or bargain rack).  My latest kick is Little Women and I'm liking it much more than I thought I would.  The old-fashioned ways of courtship and such still confuse me (I mean, being asked for my hand in marriage after a smile and professing of undying love?  I think not), but it's a nice escape.
Well, no reading for me tonight.  I'm on call - so I guess this month isn't entirely like being on vacation.

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