Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cried like a baby

I just got back from the doctor's and got my fine needle aspiration (FNA), to finally find an answer to this pain in my neck.  I have to admit that I screamed like a baby when she did it.  Dude, it hurt.  And it stung.  And it hurt.  And then it hurt more.  It still hurts.  And when I saw how little tissue she actually got out, I was kinda sad.  I mean, all that pain and no gain?  She did say that the "thing" didn't want to give up tissue easily.  Let's hope that's not a bad sign. 

The pathologist (yes, a pathologist who sees real, live people!) did look at it right away and just said her initial impression was normal, just lots of "polys" (which means lots of white blood cells, meaning it's likely infectious).  I won't have an answer til Friday at the earliest.  And the culture takes at least a week, so we'll see. 

Of course, she couldn't help but mention TB.  "Your case is so typical for TB."  I eye her suspiciously, "Yeah, and the public health department will have a field day if it is."  "Yeah, it wouldn't be pretty." 

So, let's keep our fingers crossed that it's neither TB nor the dreaded "C" word.  And let's hope that I get answers, come Friday.

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