Saturday, June 21, 2008

Feeling accomplished

I have been in my apartment all week, trying to get my life in order before it falls apart again (aka "residency"). I have been shopping, buying stuff, and assembling furniture. A lot is to be said about furniture you have to assemble. First, it's cheap. Second, it's cheap. Third, it's actually quite fun. You feel a sense of accomplishment after assembling a coffee table, a bookcase, or a dining table (all of which I had done in 2 days). Then, after breaking a sweat in 90 degree weather, I can jump into the pool (yeah, I have a pool, and it's right outside my apartment, tempting me on a hot day).

Also, in all of my shopping this week, I managed to go to IKEA not once, but twice, and on consecutive days. I also managed to divulge a little in consecutive days of IKEA's swedish meatballs. Yummy.

But now I am at my parents' home (no longer my home), getting ready to take family to San Francisco for the day and then a family bbq tomorrow. Another yummy.

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