Monday, June 23, 2008

Apologies are in order

I'm sorry for not being more diligent in updating. I have lots of ideas for posts, but just haven't gotten around to writing them. Also, I have yet to get internet in my apartment (if you call it that... more like a glorified closet). Some posts that I'm thinking of writing: conflicts of interest in medicine, the presumptive Democratic nominee, etc etc.

Oh, today was my first day of internship. Don't worry, I haven't actually touched a patient yet. More so, just signed a lot of papers, and probably my soul. Among the things I signed: a sexual harassment pamphlet, a piece of paper saying that I don't want to give up my benefits, applied for life insurance and assigned beneficiaries, decide which funds to put my deferred compensation money in (percentage yields have no significant for me other than bringing back painful memories of chemistry lab).

Tomorrow is another exciting day of orientation. I think I get to see patients on Thursday. We'll see. That's when the women of the south bay need to be on high alert... I am coming for them!

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