Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Strike one, strike two

It's been awhile, so I thought I would update everyone on my knee!

On March 20, I busted my knee (opening a window!) and was diagnosed by the orthopedist in Vietnam as having a contusion to the lateral ligament of my left knee.

On May 14, I went to my orthopedist in Boston and he thought that perhaps I tore my ACL.

On May 15, I had my fourth MRI of my life.

On May 16, I spoke to the radiologist, who diagnosed me as having dislocated my patella (now the popping sensation I felt that day makes complete sense). In the act of dislocating my patella, a piece of bone broke off and is floating in my knee (likely lodged in my lateral ligament). Fortunately, I didn't tear anything because my ligaments are lax (which caused the dislocation in the first place).

Now, I'm trying to get a hold of my orthopedist to see what he recommends. Whether it be surgery or not, I just want to know. However, the prospect of having my third knee surgery before I turn 30 is not a pleasant one at all.

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