Thursday, May 29, 2008

Making babies

So, I had my little cousins over the other day and we took my parents' three dogs to the dog park. While we were there, my precious little Jackson (the only male dog) was licking the behind of Princess, our female dog. My little cousins, aged 9 and 11, then asked me why Jackson was licking Princess. In the spur of the moment, I just said, "Oh, he wants to make puppies." Immediately after muttering that, I deeply regretted it, for fear that one of them would ask how puppies are made. Instead, I lucked out and they got all excited at the possibility of another puppy. Then, one of my cousins asked how you know dogs are married and I just sat there without an answer, hoping he would forget that he asked it.

Yeah, definitely not ready to handle kids and difficult conversations.


Amanda said...

Haha. I'm guessing the two cousins were Rodney and Ian?

YennieT said...

Ding, ding! You're a smartie, dear. :)