Saturday, May 3, 2008

On the way home

I'm in Taipei right now, on the way back to San Francisco.  I haven't slept any on the flight over here, which is rather unusual given that once I step into an airport, I'm beyond drowsy.  So, I'm hoping that I won't sleep too much on the flight back to the states because then I'll be jetlagged and no fun at all. 
So, for people wondering what my plans will be for the next few weeks (everyone seems to want to know, for some odd reason), here it is:
  • May 3-May 11: Bay Area, California.
  • May 12-May 18: Boston, MA.
  • May 19-June 23: Bay Area, but with nothing to do, which makes me deliriously happy.
  • June 23: The games (aka residency) begin.


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