Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Brave new world

Since I've been back in the states, I've realized how long it's been since I've done a lot of things.

List of "firsts" (things I have done for the first time since leaving the states in mid-January):
  • Drove a car
  • Walked from a cold outdoors to a warm indoors
  • Drank tap water without fear of diarrhea
  • Took a hot shower without turning on a water heater
  • Listened to a podcast (of course, it had to be "Wait, wait, don't tell me!")
  • Took a walk without fear of getting hit by a car/motorbike/rickshaw/bike
  • Read a newspaper
  • Wore jeans
  • Wore a tank top without fear of being stared at
Can't think of anything else. Oh, I've discovered that I'm terrible at Mario Kart on the Wii... I guess we all can't be good at everything.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How bout not needing to squat over a hole when using a public restroom..?