Thursday, September 30, 2004

Presidential debate

So, I'm currently watching the first presidential debate of the campaign season and I'd have to say it's not all that eventful. First of all, I'm sick and tired of talking about the war. Yes, the war and recovery efforts are very important. However, it's not all that is going on that relates to this country. What about healthcare? What about education? What about environmental policies?

Secondly, however much I have to back Kerry, I can't say that either candidate is especially likeable or all that public-friendly. Kerry comes off as more intelligent than Bush, but it's not an eventful debate.

However, I have to say that Kerry did hit the spot on one thing. When Bush justified the Iraqi war using the phrase, "the enemy attacked us," Kerry pointed out, very eloquently, that there has been no official connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. Therefore, connecting the Iraqi War to the September 11th attacks on the United States is completely incorrect, even according to President Bush's intelligence reports. Maybe it's just me, but this is one of my biggest annoyances is that people, mostly uninformed, justify the Iraqi War by using a supposed link between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. Additionally, I don't think that the administration has really worked to make the two separate and distinct from one another - mainly to use people's misperceptions in order to show that public support for the war was more than it would be if people were actually made aware of their faulty logic.

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