Monday, September 27, 2004

Partying hard

So, in celebration of failing my pharmacology exam (I don't really know if I failed or not, I just have a creeping suspicion that that's the case), I went out on Friday night - and I had the most fun that I've had in quite awhile.

First, I went to Pho Republique, a Vietnamese fusion restaurant that, to tell you the truth, is way too swanky for my tastes. After being there for about half an hour (my friends had been there for almost two hours already), we decided to move on to a house party that someone was throwing. When we arrived, this was no ordinary house party. The "house" was this extraordinary apartment completely covered in original artwork and architectural looking furniture. The guests were all international and the atmosphere a cross between a chic cocktail party and all out drunken debauchery. Well, perhaps my friends and I were the drunken debauchery part and the rest were the chic cocktail party. Nonetheless, we had an awesome time and let's just say that we're all still trying to piece together what happened that night.

But now, it's over and I'm back to studying.

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