Monday, December 22, 2008

Vacation! Well, not really.

Today is the first official day of my vacation, but what have I done?  I've managed to lose my crochet needle - and hence cannot work on some Christmas gifts.  I am sitting at the local starbucks, studying (or trying to at least - it's hard when David Bowie is singing Little Drummer Boy so loud your ears ache), and overall, not doing a thing.  Oh yeah, don't try calling Alaska Airlines to try and rebook my ticket - it's been busy since yesterday.  And when I get through, all is says is, "Sorry, due to the extreme weather, we cannot help you at this time."  Duh. Like I needed a phone message to tell me that.
Oh well, what a start to the vacation.  So, I'm spending $300 to fly to Seattle for what will now be a 3 day vacation (nevermind that I'm paying for half of my brother's ticket).  I'm so sad.  Especially now that they are emailing me wonderful pictures and stories of sledding in the backyard.  Did I mention how much I love sledding? 

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