Sunday, December 7, 2008

Intern life

A sliver of my schedule for the last few days:
  • Work 6am-6pm Monday - Friday
  • Work Thursday night until Friday morning at 9am
  • Sleep from 11am Friday to 6pm Friday
  • Awake from 6pm to 10pm Friday
  • Sleep 11pm Friday to 6am Saturday
  • Work 6am Saturday to 9am Sunday
  • Sleep from 10am Sunday to 6pm Sunday
  • Awake from 6pm Sunday to 10pm Sunday
  • Work again 6am Monday
  • etc, etc
So, for the last 5 days, I have only been "awake" and not at work for less than 10 hours.  10 hours.  To life a normal life.  And I looked at my schedule for this month.  I get a whopping one day off in nearly 3 weeks - until my vacation!  I cannot express how excited I am for vacation.  Why did I wait 6 months to take vacation my intern year?  Am I crazy?  If I wasn't before, I certainly am now.

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