Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rain, rain, go away

Today, I decided to explore a little of the south bay and go biking on the Los Gatos Creek Trail. It was supposed to be a great trail and a great day and a great ride. However, things just weren't going my way and my day ended up looking like this:

All gone down the drain.

First, my front wheel was slightly flat. However, I was still determined to go. Yeah, I'm crazy.

Second, my pants leg got stuck in my bike and promptly tore a hole in my pants. I'm not so sad about the pants, just sad about it happening. It literally happened one minute after hopping onto my bike.

Third, it started raining. Now, this wouldn't be so bad if it was simply sprinkling. I can handle that. But then, it started to get real bad and I wasn't even able to see. My clothes got soaking wet, but only on one side (the rain came in sideways, thanks to the wind). If you look closely, you can see my right pants leg all tied up to keep it get from getting caught into my gears!

This part of the trail was swollen over on the way back. It was hard to tell how deep it was and I didn't dare go until some other bikers went through before me. It was about 5 inches deep. Fun stuff.

On the way back, I saw this woman gearing up, getting on the trail, and then her little dog on a leash!

And, after all this, I am still smiling. Look closely and you can see all the raindrops on my face.

Needless to say, I didn't go the whole way of the trail. I didn't even go halfway. Biking while soaking wet with a semi-flat tire is no fun at all. So, I decided to try this falafel place that is always so busy on the corner of Stevens Creek and 880. There were about 20 people in line, but well worth the wait. Falafel sandwich was crunchy, great tahini. However, the hot sauce was all in a dollop on top - totally unsatisfying (I'm really into making sure ingredients and sauces are spread evenly). The banana shakes are also good, but not great. I feel like there's something in them that makes it taste like fake sugar (maybe it is fake sugar?). However, I'd still go again, the falafel was pretty damn good. Next time, I'm trying their "meatball in wheat" - sounds delicious, eh?

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