Sunday, February 24, 2008


Just got back from my 4-day trip to Cambodia and came back exhausted, sore, and tanned - all signs of a good trip. I spent 10 hours at Angkor Wat, determined to see all that I could see in one day, and it was totally worth it! One thing I have to say is that everyone I met along the way was so tremendously kind. An illustration of this was my free tuk tuk ride. Because I was low on cash, I decided to walk most of Angkor Wat, which wouldn't have been too bad if it hadn't been noontime. I was walking from one temple to another and a tuktuk driver came by and asked if I needed a ride. Now, that's not too rare, as lots of drivers slowed down on the road to offer rides, but I had no money, so I didn't take it. However, this driver was very persistent and kept on lowering his price from $3 to $2 to $1. I told him I didn't need a ride, since I had already walked 2 km and only had one more kilometer to go. However, I apparently looked like the sorriest tourist on the planet and he offered me a ride for free. So, all said and done, I got a free tuk tuk ride and experienced, first-hand, the kindness of strangers.

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