Sunday, August 9, 2009


To be truthful, I have been neglectful of nearly every aspect of my life in the last month or so besides work.  Life as a second year is tough and when I get home, I'm lucky if I don't collapse on my sofa and watch tv for the rest of the night.  I haven't been cooking.  I haven't been swimming.  My apartment was such a mess that I was stressed out when I thought about it.  I hadn't done laundry in a month.  My mail was stacking up.  My "garden" is a mess and in desperate need of repotting (but the lemons are doing wonderfully). 

So, tonight, to get myself out, my friend T and I went to see Julie and Julia.  It was a good movie, kind of light entertainment and upbeat.  What I didn't expect, and maybe should have, was to be inspired.  I was inspired to branch out in my life.  To keep on pursuing those outside interests that keep me, well, me

I know that it seems silly, especially to those who haven't gone through residency, but it is hard to maintain a sense of self when you spend 80 hours a week serving others and bending to the will of others. 

My new resolutions: to work out more (which would mean working out at all), to cook more (no more CSA = no more veggies to force me to cook), to get back to exploring the south bay, and last, but not least, to go back to updating the blog. 

Also, to learn how to poach an egg. 

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Eric said...

Of all of those, I think I'll be most impressed if you successfully poach an egg.