Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dear blog,

I am so sorry that I have neglected you.  You are probably starving for attention, and posts.  I did not mean to totally neglect you.  You see, I have been busy - but I know that that's no excuse.  But I feel as though I need to explain myself.
First of all, I went on vacation.  That's what started the whole thing.  I forgot to have someone tend to you while I was gone, as I had someone water the forest of plants in my apartment, I should have done the same for you.  My apologies.   I went to Morocco in June, which isn't the best time to visit as it gets very hot in Morocco (who would ever guess that the summers would be hot?!).  But I have plenty of pictures - but please don't ask me for them as I haven't had time to sleep let alone edit and upload pictures.  However, as a preview, you can see my pictures from Casablanca, which was definitely the least exciting of the cities I visited.   
Secondly, when I came back, I came full steam ahead into second year of residency - literally (I landed at 10PM and went to work at 6AM).  It's been busy, to say the least.  However, it's definitely been fun. I get to do c-sections nearly everyday.  I get to supervise people and feel as though I actually know something (whether I do or not is another question).  And, I got to deliver my first set of twins (via c-section, unfortunately)! 
And yes, lack of sleep.  Because I have been so busy (and yet to unpack completely from my trip), I am suffering from lack of sleep.  Because of this, I have prioritized sleep over you, dear blog. However, things look up and I am hoping to nurture you back to health.  Just give me a few more days, please. 

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La Chinita said...

I like the preview pics from Casablanca!!! I look forward to more!