Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting outside

Point Reyes 042

Last weekend, I eagerly stepped out of the flourescent lights of the hospital and into the bright sun. My friend, C, organized an outing to Point Reyes, to hike the Alamere Falls trail. I have to admit that at first, I wasn't very eager because I knew it would be my only day off in over 2 weeks and all that I really wanted to do was sit at home and veg. However, given my new resolution, I jumped right at it.

As a side note, as I looked at this description of the trail, I realized that it was a trail that I had been searching for since college. Back story is that when I was going out with this one guy, we went hiking with some friends to this beautiful trail. I had no idea where it was other than in Marin County. I had no idea what the name was. All I knew was that it had a waterfall on the beach at the end. And alas, I found it!

Point Reyes 026

Point Reyes 009

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Anonymous said...

glad u found it cuz!