Monday, March 3, 2008

Sick to my stomach

So, I spent all last night curled up in bed, hoping that my stomach ache would go away - and it didn't. I've been hoping that the bad feeling in my stomach all weekend would go away by Monday, but had no luck, so left the clinic at noon today (but not after a CBC and an abdominal ultrasound - totally overkill, but oh well). In short, my stomach's rolling and nothing helps it (I've tried starving it, feeding it, soda water, porridge, ginger, anything). Add to that a little bit of a fever and some dizziness and you have the most vague symptoms ever.

Oh, also add to that the anxiety of having filled out my rank list and waiting for match day. Match day. It's finally upon me. It's hit me that I cannot live this simple life, wandering the world, dabbling in this and that forever - that I really, someday, must actually settle on something to do. I guess it happens to even the good ones. I'm just not ready. Maybe I'll be ready when July 1 rolls around. Or maybe I'm just hoping I'll be ready when July 1 rolls around.

Oh, I have lots of pictures. But seeing as I had lots of time today, but looking at a computer makes me dizzy and sick to my stomach, I was unable to actually put them up. Will soon, promise.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you're pretty sick. i hate those vague's like, what do i have already so i can just treat it! sorry to hear, hope u feel better.

Anonymous said...

that was me by the way..your cuz from the oc :)

Aleli said...

hope you feel better yen!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better!