Monday, January 21, 2008


The brand spanking new airport in Saigon:

I am in Vietnam! No incident getting here. Actually, it couldn't have been much easier. I slept 10 hours on the flight from San Francisco to Taipei and then got upgraded to what was a heavenly seat on the leg from Taipei to Saigon. This seat was amazing. It reclined down to sleeping position. It was 1.5x as large as a regular seat. They served me a meal on tablecloth! Serious stuff here.

Oh, so I'm blogging from my cousin's computer poolside. Yeah, I've been in Saigon for all of 3 hours and I'm poolside:
It's my break before the storm.

Some initial impressions:

  • I forget how noisy and polluted the city is.

  • I forget how easy it is to fall into the vicious cycle of staying poolside with my cousins.

  • I really want some Vietnamese food. We drove by tons of little eateries and it was lunchtime and everyone seemed so happy.

Ok, that's it for now. Some more thoughts later. And some more pictures later when I get the cable for my camera.

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