Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back to the city

Le Loi street, during daytime:

Le Loi street, during nighttime, on motorbike:
The coveted mai tree. The large trees can be sold for up to millions of dollars, not dong. They are the flowers of Tet and everywhere you turn, you see yellow flowers.
I am finally back from the countryside and back in the city. They
both have their advantages and disadvantages and I don't know which
one I like more. The countryside is beautiful, quiet, full of family,
and walkable (somewhat) - but it's a bit boring and definitely not as
comfortable (in terms of air conditioning, cleanliness, etc). The
city is always awake, full of fun, friends, and work - but it also
never sleeps and I feel like I always have stuff to do!

When I came back to the city, my cousin greeted me and said, "How's it
feel to be back?" and I thought, back to where? I don't know if I
really have a home right now. Is it in California, where my stuff is
in boxes? Is it in Boston where I technically go to school? Is it
wherever I am at the moment? Who knows.

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