Saturday, January 26, 2008

Change of plans

So, a wrench has been put in my plans, which is bound to happen, and I am in the delta region for much longer than I anticipated. So, in short, I am sitting at some random internet cafe, right next to the highway that runs north-south in Vietnam, sitting next to my half-aunt who is younger than myself. I feel like traveling ios always full of situations that you never imagine yourself in. So, I apologize for not posting regularly, as I haven't been online in awhile. My goal was to post everyday.... oh well.

Here are some pictures to bide the time away.

On a boat, crossing the river to pay my respects to my ancestors:
The market in An Huu, my dad's hometown. Here are the bird sellers (they sell them as fresh as possible here), with the river in the background.

Snakes for sale, at $5 a pound, considered a delicacy in Vietnam:

Dragons, made of foliage, in Vinh Long, my mom's hometown:

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