Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What am I?

Being the token Asian in Maine, I have come to realize that people really are ignorant (and crazy). The only people who have commented on me being the only Asian in Maine (can that become a title?) have been patients.

One, when meeting me for the first time, yelled out (to no one in particular), "Why are there so many Chinks working here?" (Ok, so there is one more Asian person in Maine, who happens to work on the same floor of the hospital.)

Another patient today asks, "Are you Oriental?" to which I respond, "Yes, I am Asian." Then, he began to accuse me of having "Oriental mind reading abilities" and when he began guessing what "kind of Oriental" I am, named Chinese and Japanese and said, "I can't name any more countries."

In summary, I am apparently one too many "Chinks" in the hospital and have recently acquired mind-reading abilities.

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