Sunday, October 9, 2005

City of Bangor

Now that I have sort of settled into Maine, I have been exploring a little bit. Bangor isn't such a bad town after all and it can be fun at times, if it's before 9PM. I have gone wine tasting at a wine store (where all the wines made me wince). I have gone to a party with other Bangor-ites (where everyone was engaged/married). I have gone to Acadia National Park (I have pictures, if you want to view them, email me).

But alas, this weekend was boring as could be. I had great plans to go to the farmer's market on Saturday and see the famous Bangor Public Library, but the pouring rain made me lazy and I just managed to go to the farmer's market (where I bought an empanada to die for). Today, I was going to take a day-long drive along Northern Maine, to go "leaf-peeping" (aka see the foliage) and hike in Baxter State Park, but the rain has kicked off all the nice leaves and leaves the trails disastrously dangerous. So, now my zeal for Bangor has subsided and I am stuck inside, still in my pajamas, and with nothing to do. I suppose I could study, but that's another problem altogether.

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