Saturday, May 28, 2005

A day in the park

Here is a rundown of what I saw today in the park:

* Wiffle ball! Gosh, how much I wanted to play.
* A guy who tried to fly a kite, unsuccessfully, for over an hour. That's a really long time to have a colorful thing attached to a long string swinging after you while you run.
* A group of Spanish-speaking men sing Oasis, accompanied by a guitar.
* A man carrying a huge Cartier bag. Don't they sell jewelry? I mean how big does your purchase have to be for you to be carrying a giant tote?
* A woman find her glasses in the grass - 5 hours after she had left them there.

Really, the park was happening today. Maybe it was because it has been the first non-rainy day since who knows when.

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